About Angela


“My goal is to make transformation possible on a cellular level”

Given that statement, what does that mean? Look at a part of yourself and your life that is working and is very fulfilling…and how does it feel being in that energy? does your body feel light, free from pain, free from judgments, more joy and alive? The brain communicates with the body through passing information from cell to cell. If we make one million cells an hour, what kind of thoughts, stories or conversations are you choosing currently? Are the thoughts empowering or dis-empowering? How often do we go through life acknowledging what’s wrong whether it be with you or another? What would it look like to step into choosing and acknowledging what is right with you?


Healers are born into this world in many different forms, and from a very early age Angela knew this was her calling. For approximately 15 years she has been devoted to exploring the complex relationships between mind, body, spirit and soul. Angela passionately believes that the possibilities of the mind and body are endless and profound. Aside from her extensive professional training, Angela began learning firsthand how her own body and mind responded to vitamins, herbs, and controlled dietary modifications like fasts and detoxifying cleanses. Through extensive trial and error, she discovered what best aided her physical wellbeing and which procedures revitalized and calmed her mind.

A hunger for more knowledge led her naturally to the Mountain Heart School of Body Work and Transformational Therapy in Crested Butte, Colorado. Here she excelled in learning multiple massage therapy techniques before graduating in 1999. Committed to healing the ‘whole’ body, Angela continued her education and graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Institute of Denver, Colorado in 2006.

Specializing in ADD/ADHA, Weight Loss, the Endocrine System, Female Hormones, Blood Typing and Detoxification Cleanses, Angela provides the necessary tools you will need as you begin your personal healing journey. By establishing a respectful, mutual rapport and performing with the utmost integrity, she can help you to realize and further your body and mind’s unique strengths.

“Every individual is biochemically unique. Nurturing and nourishing the body has a ripple effect and simple changes can make a profound difference. I am truly motivated to create positive changes, not only with the individuals I help, but also within our community by supporting small businesses, local farms, buying organic products and thinking ‘green’. Remember, we make a million new cells every hour, lets work together to make them truly healthy!”

~ Angela

“Balancing the Universe Within”