Dan Mundell

Angela Csargo, a colleague of mine for six years now, is a true professional in the healing arts. In that time I have gained a growing and consistent respect for her as a dedicated student, practitioner and devotee of the healing arts–to call it her job diminishes what she brings to her work. She wakes up to her work in the morning and is available to it at all times. I personally make a point of getting an occasional session with her whether I need work or not–I want to see what professionals at her level are up to. I have benefitted and learned from her skills in the more “mechanical” modalities of traditional massage therapy such as deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy, and from nutritional counseling, but I most recently experienced a session of her somatic catalyst modality. My relaxation was so deep that I was physically and mentally rejuvenated at session’s end; yet my awareness was heightened and expanded, not subdued. “Out of body” is an apt description of an experience that has not fully dissipated, an expansion that abides with me now, weeks after the session. Angela is a pioneer in her field.

Dan Mundell, RMT, Zero Balancing Practitioner

Angela Csargo

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