Eric Princen

Denver, CO

Three months ago, my wife and I found out we are going to have a baby. That provided incentive for me to tackle some of the difficult issues in my life that I have never had success with. Analyzing them and letting go wasn’t doing it. I needed to get in touch with my body and energy and let things pass on a different level. After talking about it with Angela, she thought could help, and I was game. I’ve been a massage client or Angela’s for almost a decade and she has really good hands, feel, knowledge, and wisdom. I always recommend her to friends. We’ve completed five sessions of somatic catalyst work so far, and I am experiencing an aligning of my life with my natural self. The tension and irritability that were present are simply subsiding. We have managed to clear out a lot of anxiety and concern. That gives me a lot more area to operate in life. I have been more relaxed and easy going. I am looking forward to our next appointment.

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