Nutritional Therapy

Why Nutrition? How many of us struggle with ailments that is disruptive to our day to day living, that zaps our joy. How many of us would love to have more energy, vitality and endurance? How often do we struggle with what is healthy and not healthy for us an individual?

Have you noticed a difference in your body when you eat certain foods and drink certain fluids? Have you wondered what you can have if you had more awareness and guidance to what foods support you?

What you can expect out of living a healthy life through your ideal nutritional habits are:

* More Energy  * Better Sleep  *  Balanced Hormones  *  Stable Energy Throughout The Day  *  Weight Management  *  Looking Younger   *  Happier more Joyful  *  Mental and Emotional Balance  *  Increase Sex Drive  *

…And most important, you taking ownership of your health and well being! 

A consultation includes two meetings:

During the first visit, we review some documentation I will have already sent you and requested that you complete before hand, which includes:

• Information forms regarding your medical history, preferences, exercise habits, etc.
• A detailed, week-long, diet/food diary

During the second visit, we will review, discuss and set into motion the Nutritional Plan Bible I will have developed for you based upon the results of the information previously gathered.

Additional, optional meetings may include:

• Blood Test results review/consultation

Nutritional Consultation
Nutritional Consultation with blood test review
 Continued Nutrition Consulting= Quickie-15mins $20.00
Continued Nutritional Consulting
-One Hour