Patrick Fieldman

Denver, CO

Angela is not a “massage therapist” as that term is so limiting when it comes to describing her.  She is a healer with the instinct to find and cure whatever ails.  It may not be what you thought walking in the door.   Some of my sessions have become energy transformations rather than just a massage I came for.  The diversity extends beyond physical discomfort, as she excels in energy work, stimulating the immune system, helping get rid of colds/sinus/earwax, and enabling mental relaxation.  There are very few people with the natural insight and intuition that she possesses.  A spiritual awareness is at the core of how she heals.  I’m probably one of the most difficult people to get to relax, but by incorporating more than the physical massage techniques, my soul is finally at ease.  This helps me focus, sustain energy and enhance self-awareness.  If you want someone who is innovative, an excellent communicator and truly cares about your well-being, I’d advise becoming of one Angela’s clients.  Thank you for all your healing Angela – it is deeply appreciated!

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