Video Testimonial(s):

Dan Mundell

Angela Csargo, a colleague of mine for six years now, is a true professional in the healing arts. In that time I have gained a growing and consistent respect for her as a dedicated student, practitioner and devotee of the healing arts–to call it her job diminishes what she brings to her work. She wakes up to her work in the morning and is available to it at all times. I personally make a point of getting an occasional session with her whether I need work or not–I want to see what professionals at her level are up to. I have benefitted and learned from her skills in the more “mechanical” modalities of traditional massage therapy such as deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy, and from nutritional counseling, but I most recently experienced a session of her somatic catalyst modality. My relaxation was so deep that I was physically and mentally rejuvenated at session’s end; yet my awareness was heightened and expanded, not subdued. “Out of body” is an apt description of an experience that has not fully dissipated, an expansion that abides with me now, weeks after the session. Angela is a pioneer in her field.

Dan Mundell, RMT, Zero Balancing Practitioner

Patrick Fieldman

Denver, CO

Angela is not a “massage therapist” as that term is so limiting when it comes to describing her.  She is a healer with the instinct to find and cure whatever ails.  It may not be what you thought walking in the door.   Some of my sessions have become energy transformations rather than just a massage I came for.  The diversity extends beyond physical discomfort, as she excels in energy work, stimulating the immune system, helping get rid of colds/sinus/earwax, and enabling mental relaxation.  There are very few people with the natural insight and intuition that she possesses.  A spiritual awareness is at the core of how she heals.  I’m probably one of the most difficult people to get to relax, but by incorporating more than the physical massage techniques, my soul is finally at ease.  This helps me focus, sustain energy and enhance self-awareness.  If you want someone who is innovative, an excellent communicator and truly cares about your well-being, I’d advise becoming of one Angela’s clients.  Thank you for all your healing Angela – it is deeply appreciated!

Eric Princen

Denver, CO

Three months ago, my wife and I found out we are going to have a baby. That provided incentive for me to tackle some of the difficult issues in my life that I have never had success with. Analyzing them and letting go wasn’t doing it. I needed to get in touch with my body and energy and let things pass on a different level. After talking about it with Angela, she thought could help, and I was game. I’ve been a massage client or Angela’s for almost a decade and she has really good hands, feel, knowledge, and wisdom. I always recommend her to friends. We’ve completed five sessions of somatic catalyst work so far, and I am experiencing an aligning of my life with my natural self. The tension and irritability that were present are simply subsiding. We have managed to clear out a lot of anxiety and concern. That gives me a lot more area to operate in life. I have been more relaxed and easy going. I am looking forward to our next appointment.

Amy DiGregorio

Denver, Co

“I have been getting massages from Angela for over 4 yrs now on an almost weekly basis.  Her skill, attention to detail, and level of professionalism are unsurpassed by anyone else who’s ever worked on me.  She is trained in such a variety of massage techniques, and has helped me with everything from allergy/sinus problems to remaining comfortable throughout my pregnancy.  She has been so effective in reducing my muscle tightness, that my husband can really tell the difference if I have to miss even one week of massage!”

George Peele

Image Magazine

“Angela’s hands will transport you to another dimension.”


Los Angeles, CA

“Angela has amazing senses, strength, and skills as a massage therapist and nutritionist.  Her care and dedication is rare and hard to find.  She has set the bar for me. Thank you Angela!”

Kelly Westback

Denver, CO

“One of the most unique things about Angela is how physically and spiritually aware she is when giving a massage. I’ve been to other therapists who honestly seemed to just be going through the motions. Angela is keenly intuitive when discovering what you are wanting and/or needing and works diligently to fulfill that. You can hear her focused breathing and sense that her intention is fully present. The nutritional plan she created for me has already had many positive effects and was unexpectedly affordable. I’m thrilled to have Angela in my corner helping me to live my life as healthy as I possibly can.”

Diana Howard

Denver, CO 

Angela Csargo has been my massage therapist for many years now, and I never fail to marvel that she finds every aching muscle that is causing suffering and gently, but firmly eases its tension. She has a deep intuitive sense of how to assist muscular and skeletal healing. She has guided me when I have nutrition questions, has offered information about other health professionals, and is someone I recommend to friends and family without reservation.

Brian Copeland

Owner of Copeland’s Core Fitness

I’ve been getting massages for the last 10 years and have had at least a couple dozen Massage Therapists during that time but Angela is easily the best of them all. The first thing that struck me was how calming and tranquil her massage room is. Definitely the best I have ever seen with detailed touches, perfect lighting and background music that really created an amazing atmosphere. Angela used just the perfect amount of pressure, not too much or too little. She had great communication but honestly I didn’t even have to tell her how much pressure to use; she is that experienced and skilled that she can tell how much pressure to use for each individual.

If you are in the market for a Massage Therapist you would do yourself an injustice not to go with Angela.